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Philanthropist George Soros has awarded a challenge grant in the amount of $250,000 to the Kosovo American Education Fund (KAEF) to provide short- and medium-term training to businesses in Kosovo, with the goal of increasing employment opportunities for Kosovars. The grant requires KAEF to raise an equal amount through donations from individuals and businesses in Kosovo and the U.S. The grant was made through Mr. Soros' Emergency Fund, a $100 million source of funds he established in the wake of the global financial crisis to help shield the countries of Eastern and Central Europe from the impact of the unfolding economic downturn.
Did your exchange experience change your life? Do you want to explore new cultures from the comfort of your own home? If you are looking for a way to contribute to global peace and understanding, we have a simple solution for you: help a merit-based scholarship student from abroad spend one year in your community! To learn more about how to enrich an exchange student's life, and in turn expand your and your community’s horizons, please click HERE.
Miss Elisabeth Raab, an alumni of the 2010 India Summer Teachers Exchange Educational Seminar, has been recognized as an outstanding educator as one of 15 teachers across the nation to compete in the first Jeopardy! Teachers Tournament. Her competition airs on May 4! See her contestant video here! See when to tune in here! The two week contest extends from May 2 to May 13.
American Councils successfully hosted one of the largest events to connect Russian universities and technology with U.S. universities, companies and capital in Washington, DC on April 13th. The following videos were taken during the Forum, courtesy of Voice of America. These videos are in Russian, but a brief description of each video appears in English next to each link. Video I
A-SMYLE alumni Aleksandr Cakic and Teodora Tasic noticed a problematic trend in their hometown of Leskovac, Serbia: instead of taking action and trying to fix its problems, people were packing up and leaving their community. Aleksandr and Teodora believe one reason for this trend is a lack of ties within the community and very little dedication to making it better. To address this, they envisioned a project to bring everyone together and spark an interest in volunteering that would set an example for future generations. From this vision, their project ACT ON was born.