RLJ is created and published by a team of professionals throughout the Russian language field.

Editorial Group


Jennifer Bown
Brigham Young University

Associate Editors

Cori Anderson
Rutgers University
Ewa Golonka
CASL/University of Maryland

Assistant Editor

Sofia Kasmeridi

Editorial Consultant

Dan E. Davidson
ACTR and Bryn Mawr

Editorial Board

Nina Bond
Franklin and Marshall College, PA
Richard Brecht
American Councils Research Center, DC
Anthony Brown
Brigham Young University, UT
Robert Channon
Purdue University, IN
Evgeny Dengub
Smith College, MA
Irina Dubinina
Brandeis University, MA
Ruth Edelman
Tenafly H.S., NJ
Karen Evans-Romaine
University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI
Elena Farkas
Roming M.S., AK
Thomas J. Garza
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Paavo Husen
Illinois Math and Science Academy, IL
Vitaly G. Kostomarov
Pushkin Institute, RF
Peter Merrill
Phillips Academy, MA
Gregory V. Moskvin
Moscow State University, RF
Diane Nemec Ignashev
Carleton College, MN
Lee Roby
Friends School, MD
Kira A. Rogova
St. Petersburg University, RF
Cynthia A. Ruder
University of Kentucky, KY
Elizabeth Sandstrom
Thomas Jefferson H.S. for Science and Technology, VA
Jane Shuffelton
Brighton H.S., NY
Alla Smyslova
Columbia University, NY
Mara Sukholutskaya
East Central University, OK
Eleonora D. Sulejmenova
al-Farabi Kazakh National University, KZ
James Sweigert
Baltimore International Academy, MD
Mark Trotter
Indiana University, IN
Nataliya Ushakova
Staten Island Technical High School, NY
Ludmila A. Verbitskaja
St. Petersburg University, RF
Irwin Weil
Northwestern University, IL
Michele Whaley
West H.S., AK
Extra Special Thanks
To the engineers, clerks and graduate students that make this all possible
"Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others" -- Postel's Law