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Eligibility Professor/instructor at a US-based university/institution Proctor is not affiliated with their target language domestic Flagship Language Program Register students from college-level Intermediate level (or higher) language classes (not currently enrolled in a Flagship or Critical Language Scholarship program) Required minimum of 15-20 students per proctoring sessionProctored Administration
July 25th, the Russkiy Mir Center celebrated its second jubilee of its current format. Founded in late 2010 as a joint project of American Councils and the Russkiy Mir Foundation, the Center has gradually become a full-fledged contributor to common ideals of both organizations. Although the Center is relatively new and is still exploring novel ways to achieve its goals, it has already sponsored a wide array of successful projects. Take a moment to watch the video below, which highlights the last two years of Russkiy Mir Center activities. We’d also like to thank American Councils for their generous support and wise counsel, as well as their creative and resourceful staff.
July 6th was a special day for American Councils in Moldova. Over 50 alumni from the Open World Program, the Professional Fellows Program (PFP), the Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) Program, and the English Access Microscholarship Program (Access) gathered to celebrate U.S. Independence Day, honor active alumni, share success stories, and thank American Councils Moldova’s strategic partners.
“A lot of other school districts do not have this opportunity,” Mrs. Christine Siegfried, Southern Lehigh High School Superintendent, said. “It’s a great opportunity for us to learn about their cultures, their religions, their educations, and they get to learn about ours. It is beneficial for our students to learn from the exchange teachers about their countries.” Published in The Spotlight.
News from Daniela Munca-Aftenev, Legislative Fellows Program and Open World Coordinator, American Councils Moldova The American Language Center, a subsidiary of American Councils Moldova, signed an official partnership with The Kishinev Jacobs Jewish Campus, the largest Jewish Community and Ethnic Centers in Moldova, to collaborate on a special project entitled “Business Mom.” American Language Center Instructor Cristina Cornovan was in charge of designing the curriculum for the project, which included social adaptation training and development skills for 150 unemployed women.