Resources in: Other

Afisha is a major Russian publication and website that focuses on entertainment and pop culture events in Russia.  This site allows you to read about upcoming concerts, movies and other notable events, as well as providing reviews of films.  An excellent site for those who enjoy all things media/entertainment.

This news journal from Russia features investigative journalism and reporting on major worldwide events.  The site is very heavy on media content, featuring impressive photography and video files.  

Novaya Gazeta is a well respected newspaper in Russia, and their website provides a great deal of information on current events both in Russia and abroad.  A resource worth looking into.

The Echo of Moscow radio station broadcasts interviews and news stories concerning major current events.  From their website you can listen live or find previously aired stories.  If you find a particular correspondent or show that you enjoy, you can subscribe to their podcasts as well.

RIA Novosti is a major news provider in Russia, and their website provides current news stories focusing on Russia and also on international news.  Also worth looking at is their collection of RSS feeds that we have linked.

This site organizes various Russian language podcasts into categories and lets you set up feeds to automatically download the ones you are interested in.

This is a podcasting service dedicated to learning Russian.  Each podcast focuses in on a theme and provides authentic conversation and vocabulary to help self-directed learners.

Check this site out for online flashcards to help you build and maintain vocabulary.  You can also find a word-of-the-day RSS feed and an online word translator.  You will have to log in to participate.


NTV is a major television channel in Russia, and their webpage offers great online content for many of their programs.  The videos are often available in short clip form, making them excellent resources.

The official site of one of the largest TV channels in Russia provides video of their news programs, as well as other shows.