Modules in Literature


This module is based on the life and times of the Russian émigré poet, Iosef Brodsky. It examines his life in Leningrad, and follows his travels through Europe, and then to the United States. He was a U.S. citizen when he won the Nobel Prize in 1987. This module contains audio of Brodsky's poetry. The text in this module is advanced, but there are several different activities in the module that can be tailored to other levels.


Learn about the struggles of being a poet during World War II and the Stalinist repressions.



Delve into the experiences and mind of Russia's great literary figures.


Dostoevsky is one of the great literary figures of the millennium. Explore his life and his works. This module examines the darker side of St. Petersburg and life by examining it in Dostoevsky's spiritual point of view. It includes film clips from the film adaptations of "Crime and Punishment" and "White Nights."


In this module, you can learn about 19th century St. Petersburg through the literature of Alexander Pushkin, considered to be Russia's National poet. This module includes scenes from various film adaptations of Pushkin's works.


Take an adventure in St. Petersburg, looking through the eyes of Russia's quirky writer, Nikolai Gogol. See St. Petersburg as Gogol saw it. Learn about the Gogol's despair, and how he translated that despair into some of Russia's greatest and most comedic literary works. This module contains excerpts from the film version of "Shinel'" and audio clips of Dmitri Shostakovich's "Nos".