Russian Flagship

Russian Flagship Program:


Program Description:


The Russian Flagship program is for advanced speakers of Russian and is divided into two parts – the domestic program and the international program.  The intent of the flagship program is to produce professionally fluent speakers of Russian.


The domestic program is held at four universities around the country – Bryn Mawr/Haverford, UCLA, Portland State and University of Wisconsin-Madison. These each offer four year intensive programs focused on all aspects of Russian language and culture. For more detailed information, visit the individual domestic program links:


Bryn Mawr

Portland State

University of Wisconsin-Madison



Overseas: The Overseas Russian Flagship provides undergraduate students enrolled at Domestic Russian Flagship Programs an opportunity for intensive, professional language training and development, as well as direct enrollment at St. Petersburg State University. The Overseas Program also accepts a limited number of post-BA and graduate students, working professionals, and heritage speakers already at the Advanced-Mid or Advanced-High language level. The program also offers a comprehensive study of all aspects of contemporary Russian life and culture.


Age of Students – Recent domestic graduates or post-graduate speakers of Russian

Location – St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg State University)

Language Level – Advanced

Length of Program – Academic year