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In this module, the student learns about what life is like for a Russian student, on the most important day of the year, the first day of school. Watch authentic video of a typical Muscovite school and the customs carried out on this day.


Take a look at Russia's new Russians. Examine the truths, stereotypes, and the jokes about this new social class.


Moscow is perhaps Russia's most important city. Learn about it's geography and history. This module includes clips from the film "Pokrovskie vorota" (Dir. Mikhail Kozakov, 1982). It also contains activities based on articles from Russian newspapers.


This module takes a look at another event in a Russian student's life, even more fun than the first day of school - summer vacation. Exercises are based on authentic video showing various was that young people in Russia spend their summer vacation.


This module introduces students to the magical world of Russian fairy tales.


This exciting multimedia presentation introduces the student to Russian holidays, their ceremony, and history. Exercises are based on a series of authentic texts, video, and audio. These exercises are excellent for heritage and non-heritage learners alike.


Learn about the issues that face women in modern Russian society. In this module, the user will read interviews with famous russian women, each with a very different view on women in Russian society. The module also includes music and poetry.


If you have a Russian souvenir, chances are its this one. Come take a closer look, using text, video, and audio, at the history of Russia's most famous doll, the Matryoshka doll.


Discover and discuss ecological issues that affect Russia today. This module includes filmed interviews, movie clips, and authentic texts.


This module examines the life and times of one of Russia's greatest scientists and thinkers.